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Oh My Dog! Behaviour Training and Solutions

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Kind & Relationship-Based Dog Training

All Classes Currenlty on Hold

A well behaved and sociable dog results in a happy home! Dogs become easier to love and less chances of them being surrendered to a shelter.  Don't worry any more about taking your pet to the dog park or not being able to trust it around family and friends. Group classes are held at the Adventure Den Daycare, 650 Industrial Ave, in Vancouver, BC.

Basic Obedience Group Classes

Using the Play/Praise reward system and positive reinforcement, our group obedience classes teach the six universal basic obedience skills. Too often, gimmicks such as electric shock collars are used to motivate pets, but we prefer to take advantage of your dog's own intelligence and willingness to learn. Dogs react positively to good leadership that makes sense to them. A good leader does not use fear or intimidation.  A good leader trains with affection and respect. Through proper guidance and training, your dog will become a companion for life. You will have a healthy relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Four week course at a cost of just $150, and includes a free Oh My Dog! training leash.  

Dogs on Agility Ramp

Aerial View of Agility Course

Advanced Obedience Group Classes

For those wishing more advanced training for their pets, our advanced classes are a great option. This series of classes is six weeks long with one class per week.  The cost is $150 for the series.

Specialty Puppy Classes

Start your puppy off on the right paw! Dogs that have had language imprinted on them as puppies have, in general, less behavioural problems than dogs without the training. Puppies can start training in this course at 10 weeks of age until about 6 months. Classes run for 45 minutes per week for four weeks at a cost of $130, and includes a free Oh My Dog! training leash.  This class is the perfect first step to having a well-socialized member of your household and neighbourhood.

Agility for Fun!

Agility classes are a great way to give your dog some exercise! It's a great way to bond with your dog & to get in shape!  For agility the dog & handler must have some basic obedience training.  Classes begin late Spring of 2019, and last six weeks. The cost is $150, with private and semi-private classes also available.

Private Classes

Initial Consultation Plus  Follow up—$195

Have us conduct a consultation (up to 1 1/2 hours long) with you and your pet. With a detailed history of your dog, we can provide a simple training strategy that is suited to you and your lifestyle.  The one hour follow up session is recommeded for one to two weeks later.

All Private Training requires an Initial Consultation

Private Training—$75 for 50 minutes

Four Pack Training—$280 

Prepaid Package of Six  Private Lessons—$465 

This package includes the one-and-only leather Oh My Dog! leash. With a retail value of $69.99, it's sure to be the last leash you will ever need to buy.

Prices apply to Metro Vancouver only. Please inquire for travelling charges.

Solo Sessions—30-Minute Walk/60 Minute Walk

Home Call Maintenance

Our home call maintenance service includes:

  • Exercising/Pet Maintenance
  • Safety Check of Pet/Veterinarian Visits
  • At-Your-Home Feeding
  • Puppy Visits

Private Class in Session

Yellow Lab in Training Class

Free Puppygarten Socials - On Hold

We are now offering free monthly socials for your pup! Come on down and let your puppy make lots of new friends. These events are held on the first Sunday of every month and are open to pups aged 10 weeks to 20 weeks. Registration is essential.  (Note that pups are required to have their second round of shots.)

"Early safe and appropriate socialization and positive training can go a long way towards preventing behavior problems and improving the bond between humans and dogs. The broader a puppy's experience, the better equipped it will be as an adult dog to cope with changes in the environment." —Dr. Ian Dunbar

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