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Top-Quality Leashes

Keep your pet safe and secure with our top-of-the-line leashes! Call today to learn more or to order.

Leather Leash

Double Thick Nylon Leash

Handmade Leather Leash with Brass Snaps ($69)

Solid black in colour, our leash is made of quality latigo leather from USA hides. Superior to ordinary leashes, the leash includes hardware made of the highest-quality solid brass. They are incredibly sturdy and durable, yet are still soft and easy on your hands. With proper application of leather conditioner, these great items will actually get better with age. You won't ever have to buy another leash again!

Double Thick Durable Nylon Leash

A similar product to our Leather Leash, this product is made of double-think nylon. Top-quality hardware and swivel snaps assure strength and durability! Two sizes are available:

  • Small—$28 (for dogs over 8lbs)
  • Large—$32 (for dogs over 60lbs)

Small Dog on Leash Box on Red Leash Training Holding Boxer on Leash Man in Red Shirt with Dog on Leash