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Oh My Dog! Behaviour Training and Solutions

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Watch This Space For The New Location of Oh My Dog!  Coming To SW France Summer 2020!

Nous déménageons dans le sud ouest de la France.  Les cours et l'internat commenceront à l'été 2020.  

Passionate About Dogs
Passionate About Dogs
In Business Since 2009

Humane Dog Training & More

There is nothing as special as a dog's love, and we work hard to bring out the best in your pet. Using the highly effective Play/Praise reward system of positive reinforcement, we train dogs to become the friendly and sociable animals they want to be. We generate trust by using kindness and patience. This system has been used throughout the world to great effect.  

Here at Oh My Dog!, we do not use any harsh methods.  We do not use nor allow choke chains, electric shock or prong collars, halti collars, yelling, scruffing or any other type of brute force or intimidation.  Since dominance and the use of force creates resistance, fear and aggression.  We achieve spontaneous cooperation from the dog by understanding how to use its natural instincts and willingess to learn. This results in humane strategies that are proven to eliminate unwanted behavior.

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10% Off for Rescue Dogs
That Come from Registered Rescue Organizations (Within the Last 6 Months)

About Us

We became certified as professional dog trainers in 2009 through The International College of Canine Behavioural Science.  This involved dog behaviour training on a deep level, including social psychology, dog psychology, and training psychology. This college is the only one specializing in the study of canine behaviour in Vancouver.

We believe in giving back to the world. To do so, we have contributed significant time to dog shelters in Goa, India and Amman, Jordan, the Richmond Animal Shelter, and the Turtle Gardens Rescue here in Vancouver. We foster and provide assessments for Big & Small Rescue and Thank Dog I am Out.  

Since we have a special interest in behaviour, continuing with professional development and keeping up to date with modern ethical training methods is also very important—we have attended seminars and workshops with the likes of:

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  • Brenda Aloff
  • Nicole Wilde
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Ken Ramirez
  • Joyce Tattersal
  • Malena DeMartin
  • BCSCPA Animal Science Symposium 2018 & 2019
  • Chirag Patel
  • John McGuigan

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain a positive and productive training environment for all dogs through positive reinforcement using the play-praise reward system and by strongly supporting the human and thoughtful application of LIMA (the least intrusive, minimally aversive) protocols. We put a strong focus on training with respect, consistency, and trust — thus promoting caring relationships between dogs & people and guiding them toward their goal in achieving a special bond with their dog. "Oh My Dog!" is committed to providing clients with standards of excellence that surpass their expectations. Our primary goal is your pet's physical, mental, environmental and nutritional well-being and to help create a lifelong friend in your dog.


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Thank you for your interest. We are currently not accepting any new clients for training or boarding.

For questions or comments, please use the information below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(778) 382-8247

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Monday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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South West France Summer 2020

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