Group Classes offers Basic Obedience using the Play/Praise reward System without food treats.

I help you with the skills needed to motivate your dog without gimmicks, treat bribes, electric collars or any other type of fear or pain motivator; but rather using the dog’s own intelligence and willingness to learn. Dogs are always looking for good leadership that makes sense to them and the way they think. With proper guidance and training the outcome will be a companion for life and a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Group Classes are small and personable with a maximum of 6 dogs, which allows plenty of individual attention as well as interaction with others.

Classes are held at the Canine Adventure Den 24 Hour Daycare, 650 Industrial Ave, Vancouver.

Basic Obedience is suitable for dogs 8 months and over. These classes run for one hour per week, for six weeks and cover the six basic commands: Heel/Sit, Stay, Recall, Finish, Down, and Stand. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each course.

Cost $175 (includes Oh My Dog! Training Leash)

All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations or have proof of titers.

Basic Obedience classes start on Tuesday January 30.
Six weeks from 8PM to 9PM

*** NEW *** PUPCLUB!

We are now offering free monthly socials for your pup. The first Sunday of every month for pups aged 10 weeks to 20 weeks. Second set of shots required.

"PUPCLUB! Social on Sunday February 4, March 4, NO SOCIAL APRIL 1, May 6, June 3"

Registration is highly recommended as there are only so many spots available. Donations are accepted and appreciated with proceeds supporting local animal rescues.

"Early safe and appropriate socialization and positive training can go a long way towards preventing behavior problems and improving the bond between humans and dogs. The broader a puppy’s experience, the better equipped it will be as an adult dog to cope with changes in the environment.” ~ Dr Ian Dunbar

What to expect:
• Certified trainer onsite to supervise off-leash safe and appropriate puppy playtime
• Opportunity to ask training questions related to puppy behavior such as potty training, crate training, puppy chewing/mouthing, etc
An indoor/outdoor safe and sterilized facility
The rooms are set up with interactive equipment and structured activities encouraging your pup to explore.

Dogs must also learn that regular-everyday objects are safe. Man-made objects and sounds can be very frightening to a pet raised in a completely different environment. If you have a dog who missed out on key environmental experiences when young it can be overwhelming to deal with all of the objects they fear. You can download Dr Sophia Yin’s socializing checklist here.



Coming soon...

Advanced Obedience is for those who have completed and mastered the Level I Basic Obedience. The training theory remains the same however the techniques will change where we will advance from a 6' leash to a 35' long line. We also cover numerous advanced skills such as over the shoulder heeling, about face, hand signal only/verbal command only, and many more.

Duration is six weeks ~ cost $150


Start your puppy off on the right paw! Begin with imprinting the ‘language’ as puppies, in general, have less behavioural problems when trained than puppies without training.

Classes are in a fun and relaxed atmosphere using positive training methods ~ without food treats.

Puppies can start at 10 weeks of age until about 7 months. Classes run for 45 minutes per week for four weeks and cover the four essential commands: Heel/Sit, Stay, Recall, and Down. These commands are just the icing on the cake of having a well-socialized member of your household and neighbourhood.

Classes are limited to 6 puppies – be sure to register for PUP CLUB early! Cost $130 (includes Oh My Dog! Training Leash)

Specialty Puppy Group Classes start on Wednesday February 7.
Four weeks from 8PM to 8:45PM

Agility For Fun! Classes begin late Spring 2018. Six weeks for $150. Private classes also available! $70 per hour, $35 per 1/2 hour. Or bring a friend for a semi-private class.

Agility is a wonderful team sport and it fosters a special bond between you and your dog. Dogs that are normally bored in obedience often shine in agility. Once a dog learns the rules of the new “game”, agility quickly becomes his idea, not yours. Negative behaviours often associated with boredom or inactivity are minimized or cease altogether. Your dog becomes more attentive to you. It is a great way for your dog to get in shape. Most of all agility is FUN!

For agility the dog and handler must have some basic obedience training. At a minimum, the dog must be able to sit, down, promptly come when called off-leash, hold a brief stay, maintain control around other dogs, and accept handling by strangers. Off-leash heelwork is a big plus but not required.

Minimum age requirement should be 9 - 12 months for dogs under 50 pounds and 10-14 months for dogs over 50 pounds.



INITIAL CONSULTATION $125 – up to 1 1⁄2 hours. A home consultation in your pet’s own environment using positive reinforcement without food treats, where I train you to train your pet.  With a detailed history of your pet, I can provide a simple training strategy suited to you and your lifestyle.



PREPAID PACKAGE OF SIX ONE-HOUR PRIVATE LESSONS - $465 (includes the one and only leather Oh My Dog! Leash, retail value $69.99 and surely the last leash you will ever buy.)

No refunds on prepaid packages after the first class.

24 hours notice required to cancel or change a session.

Packages must be used within three months.


SOLO SESSIONS – 30 minute walk / 60 minute walk


• At your home feeding (own or supplied food)
• Safety check of pet / Veterinarian visits
• Exercising / Pet Maintenance

Serving Vancouver and West Vancouver, other areas on request.


For a no obligation quotation or enquiry contact: